What causes tooth removal extraction and how to avoid it

Your goal should always be to preserve your teeth. However, there are instances when tooth removal is necessary. Tooth removal is usually the last remedy to any tooth decay or untreated cavities. Simple or surgical tooth extraction cost may vary depending on whether a tooth is impacted or not.

surgical tooth extraction cost

The tooth extraction price may also be affected by the difficulty of the procedure. Extracting your incisors is easier than extracting your wisdom tooth. The price also depends on the type and amount of anesthesia rendered.

Fix Dental offers an affordable tooth extraction rate. Their simple tooth extraction rate starts at $179, while surgical extraction starts at $299.

How to avoid tooth extraction

Tooth decay and gum disease are the main reasons why tooth extraction is necessary. Good oral hygiene, which includes brushing with fluoride and flossing at least twice a day can protect your teeth from cavities and prevent decay. Click here Fix Dental for more details.

Another way to protect your teeth and gums is to frequent your dentist at least twice a year. A regular visit to your dentist ensures that any problems are detected early.

Diet also has a major impact on your oral health. As much as possible try to avoid sweet and sugary food and drinks. Bacteria use sugar to produce acid that causes tooth decay.

Other reasons why your teeth must be extracted

A tooth may not only be extracted because of tooth decay. A wisdom tooth extraction is necessary when the tooth can cause problems.

Here are some reasons why your dentist should extract your wisdom teeth:

  •         Damage adjacent teeth

Your extra wisdom tooth can push your other teeth around. Crowding can result in pockets that cannot be reached when you brush your teeth. These teeth can end up with cavities then tooth decay.

  •         Inflammation

Your extra set of molars can cause gum inflammation because these areas are hard to reach and clean. Inflamed gums mean there is an infection and this must be addressed immediately.

Surgical tooth extraction costs may be higher when there is gum inflammation. A higher dose of anesthesia may be used for the incisions to extract the wisdom tooth.

  •         Alignment

As mentioned above, these extra teeth can cause crowding. This will eventually lead to problems with your teeth’s alignment. Crooked and misaligned teeth can affect your bite and are unappealing to look at.

  •         Impacted

Impacted wisdom teeth do not come out of your gums, and this can cause you pain and infection. Impacted wisdom tooth extraction is more complicated than simply extracting your incisors.

Wisdom teeth removal price Brisbane comes in different price ranges. Choose a reliable yet affordable dental clinic for your wisdom tooth removal because this procedure can be pricey.

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